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Prescribing Safety Assessment

Thank you for your interest in the Prescribing Safety Assessment (PSA).

If you would like to find more general information on the PSA, please visit, where you will find a number of useful resources, including example questions and FAQs.

If you are a medical student expecting to take part in the forthcoming events (PSA2014) instructions on how to register for the PSA online system would have been provided by your medical school. You must activate your account and then login before you can access the PSA system and this must be done at the latest one day before you participate in one of the PSA2014 events.

Click here to view an overview of account activation for the Prescribing Safety Assessment by PSA Medical Director, Professor Simon Maxwell.

Once you have successfully completed your account activation you will be able to view further videos to make you more familiar with the PSA assessment environment.

If you have been asked by your medical school to activate your account, but you experience technical difficulties, please contact PSA support.